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VERCHK is a token sent by a C&C game to connect the player to a WOL server. It consists of two integer numbers representing the versions (SKU number) of the installed WOLAPI online interface, and the version number of the used game.

Example with Yuri's Revenge:

verchk 32512 720912
The number 32512 is the base 10 representation of the WOLAPI version. It can be retrieved from the registry at key
The number 720912 comes from

If these numbers do not match the newest version, the server is authorized to send the game client a link to the ftp that contains patches for a lot of games. The game downloads this file and puts it in the subdirectory 'patch'. The next time the game starts, this .RTP (patching) file is found and installed. This ftp-server at address can be accessed with username 'update' and password 'world96' </pre>, and can be browsed by regular FTP clients such as Filezilla and FlashFXP. An example of the response that may be given: 602 UserName :Update record non-existant 606 UserName update world96 ra2 65542_65536_8448.rtp 65542 8448 REQ 610 UserName 1 603 UserName :You must update before connecting! 607 UserName :goodbye

This would tell the game to connect to the patch server and download the file 65542_65536_8448.rtp in subdirectory 'ra2'.