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A cell in this article refers to a map cell. A map cell is the smallest part of a map that can be occupied by a structure, vehicle, or aircraft. 1

As such, is it a convenient unit for measuring longer distances where leptons are too small. Several ini flags express their value in cells, for example, a weapon's Range, a warhead's CellSpread, a gap generator's GapRadiusInCells, and others.

1 Several infantry units can occupy a single cell (5 in TD - RA, 3 in TS - YR). Buildings can span multiple cells, and most do. Among the buildings occupying only one cell are the TD Guard Tower/Gun Turret, RA Ore Silo/Kennel/Turret/Pillbox, TS Laser Turret/Component Tower, RA2 Tesla Coil/Prism Tower, and others.