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Legacy RockPatch Wishlist

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This page is intended as a community-editable wishlist for the exe-patch provided by pd for YR 1.001. It is not ment as a list of demands, a feature list, or anything else to pressure pd. It is just here so we can have all wishes collected at one place. This is list is not ordered, neither alphabetical nor as a ranking. It's First Come First Served. :P

The original discussion can be found here.


  • Enabling of SuperWeapon-related stuff, re-enabling of the Ion Cannon and the Chem Missile logic in particular
  • Making ThirdSide use sidec03.mix for it's own GUI
  • Re-enabling the Ice1Set, Ice2Set, IceShoreSet and TrainBridgeSet tilesets
  • Making Spotlights possible
  • A working EMP-effect
  • True Air-to-Air combat
  • Fully working third campaign-button
  • Breaking of the 100-unit-limit
  • (More playable country slots)
  • More InfDeaths, at best MakeInfantry-capable
  • More "special" mouse-cursors, like C4 or the SW-cursors
  • More IFV-modes
  • Breaking of the CellSpread-limit