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The AbstractClass is the interface of the game's object controlling classes.
That means an AbstractClass instance itself would be virtually useless, it rather provides a basic framework for all the derivative classes to work on.

Class specifications

Property Value
Derivation IUnknownIPersistIPersistStream → AbtractClass (ignored in later derivations)
GUID none
VT address (YR 1.001) 0x7E1F50
Size of member data (YR 1.001) 0x24 bytes
AbstractClass derivative:
AbstractDerivationID none

Member variables

Offset Type Name Description
0x0 ptr VirtualTable Pointer to the class's Virtual Table
0x4 ptr IRTTITypeInfo VTable Pointer to an extended VTable (not sure what exactly it does)
0x8 ptr INoticeSink VTable Pointer to an extended VTable (not sure what exactly it does)
0xC ptr INoticeSource VTable Pointer to an extended VTable (not sure what exactly it does)
0x10 DWORD unknown
0x14 DWORD DerivationFlags Bit 0: set if the instance is or derives from a TechnoClass
Bit 1: set if the instance is or derives from a ObjectClass
Bit 2: set if the instance is or derives from a FootClass
0x18 DWORD unknown
0x1C DWORD unknown
0x20 bool Dirty Was the object changed since it was last saved?
0x21 BYTE unused
0x22 WORD unused
AbstractClass - Member Variables

Virtual Table

Offset Return Type Name Arguments Description
0x0 HRESULT QueryInterface REFIID iid
void ** ppvObject
"Returns a pointer to a specified interface on an object to which a client currently holds an interface pointer."
0x4 ULONG AddRef none MSDN:
"[...] increments the reference count for an interface on an object. It should be called for every new copy of a pointer to an interface on a given object."
0x8 ULONG Release none MSDN:
"Decrements the reference count for the calling interface on a object. If the reference count on the object falls to 0, the object is freed from memory."
"Retrieves the class identifier (CLSID) of an object. The CLSID is a unique value that identifies the code that can manipulate the persistent data."
0x10 HRESULT IsDirty none MSDN:
"Checks the object for changes since it was last saved."
0x14 HRESULT Load IStream* stream
AbstractClass* dst
"Initializes an object from the stream where it was previously saved."
0x18 HRESULT Save IStream* stream
AbstractClass* src
(3rd is unknown)
"Saves an object to the specified stream."
"Returns the size in bytes of the stream needed to save the object."
0x20 none (DTOR) Destructor none Frees memory and removes this instance from global arrays.
0x24 unknown unknown unknown
0x28 unknown unknown unknown
0x2C int GetAbstractDerivationID none Gets the AbstractDerivationID of this class.
Used to find out "what something is".
0x30 int GetSize none Gets the size of the member data.
0x34 unsigned long GetCRC unknown Calculates a CRC sum of this instance.
0x38 int GetOwningHouseIndex none Gets the index of the House (player) who owns this object.
0x3C HouseClass* GetOwningHouse none Gets a pointer to the House (player) who owns this object.
0x40 int GetArrayIndex none Gets the index of this class instance in the global array.
This will return 0 for abstract classes.
0x44 bool IsDead none Finds out whether this instance is dead.
This is only used for "living" objects with a health.
0x48 void Get3DCoords int* dst_xyz Loads 3D coordinates into dst_xyz.
0x4C void Get3DCoords_var int* dst_xyz Loads 3D coordinates into variables, then into dst_xyz.
This method is obsolete (use 0x48).
0x50 unknown unknown unknown
0x54 unknown unknown unknown
0x58 unknown unknown unknown
0x5C void AdvanceFrame none This is an updating routine, called every frame.
AbstractClass - Virtual Table