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Adding A Cameo

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Cameos have to be in SHP format. If you want to convert a PCX (PNG, JPG, etc. also work) image to SHP, see Converting PCX to SHP.

For reference: TS cameos are 64x48, RA2 and YR cameos 60x48. It is unknown what side-effects result from making a smaller and/or larger cameo, though RA2 seems capable of handling 64x48 TS cameos without trouble.

Once you have the SHP file, let's call it example.shp, you need to tell the game to use it:

  • Open the art(md).ini file.
  • Find the unit that should be using this cameo.
  • Edit its section so that the line

looks like


(the game automatically adds the .shp extension.)

  • There, you just told the game to look for your file and use it as a cameo for that unit.

Now you have to put the file somewhere where the game can find it. See How to put your files in the game.