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Adding a Makeshift Side

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This is used to add a makeshift side. While you cannot truly create a fifth or sixth side, this helps fool the game and adds the illusion you are doing so.

The first part is pretty simple: add a new country. RockPatch allows this without enormous difficulty. The next part is adding your country to a preexisting side. However, instead of doing so the standard way, you can either:

  • Make your new country unable to build any buildings besides the MCV of its supporting side. Then add buildings and units for your new side (that cannot be built by the supporting side, of course).
  • Make a new, prerequisite building for all sides that is built before the power plant. This could be an MCV upgrade that is the prerequisite for each side's stuff. This means, for example, that NABUIL1 and NABUIL2 are upgrades to the MCV (no power cost and belong to only one or two countries), and the MCV holds only one upgrade. The one for the original Soviet buildings replaces any/all Prerequisite=NACNST and the other is the Prerequisite= for the "new" side.

The AI is the difficult part here. In order to make this work correctly, the AI triggers must be redone with regard to your "new" side. Also, neither method accounts for general side-specific things like starting infantry/tanks and default spy disguises, as well as tags such as BuildPower. However, if you prevent the country from being randomly selected and never fight an AI version of the country, along with preventing the supporting side from building one of your new buildings, these problems do not make a large impact on the AI's actions.