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Flag: Colors
File(s): rules(md).ini
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This entry was copied from DeeZire's Red Alert 2 and Yuris Revenge INI Editing Guide for the sake of completeness. As it is not our intention to rip off DeeZire's work, this article is subject to a re-write and update with the latest community knowledge.

For further information, please read Inclusion of The Guide.

NOTE: Bobingabout made an RGB-to-HSB color converter. Get it here:

This section contains the various colors available to be used when applying the 'remap' logic and usually refer to the colors that objects in the game can be remapped to. Most objects in the game contain an area or areas of color which are drawn in specific palette entries from the UNITSNO, UNITEM and UNITURB palettes. In Red Alert 2, like Tiberian Sun, these palette entries are represented by various shades of red. The colors listed here form an internal table of colors from which the game can remap those shades of red. Each house (country) must be assigned a default Color= from this list. In multiplayer map files, the color of each house already present on the map can be specified which will over-ride the default setting for that house. The three values from each entry here represent the hue, saturation and value of each color. The value component specifies the maximum brightness allowed for the color as the color spread is generated. The hue component remains constant. The saturation curves through color space as the value component changes such that darker colors become more saturated.

Note that this list forms an internal table to which the game refers when any color is required for the games houses (including display of text). The table is numbered in the order in which these colors appear and starts at '0'. When the game needs a particular color, it refers to a number from this table by matching the name, so to edit or change any colors you should change the values held here under that color's name, not the name itself.

In both Tiberian Sun (including Firestorm) and Red Alert 2, the game identifies the colors available in the multiplayer color selection menu by their name on the left side of the table. The colors that will appear in the color selection menu are the ones with the names Gold, DarkRed, DarkBlue, DarkGreen, Orange, DarkSky, Purple and Magenta. They will appear in the dropdown menu in precisely this order, from top to bottom, irrespective of how they are sorted in the color list in the rules(md). Their acctual number in the list does not matter at all, since they are identified by their name, not by the list number. While the appearance of the golden MP color (edited to yellow in RA2) - corresponding to no side in Red Alert 2 - and the appearance of the Soviet color before the Allied one may seem odd in that game, one has to keep in mind that the color array dates back to Tiberian Sun, where GDI - by default associated with a golden remap - was the first side, and Nod - by default associated with a red remap - was the second side. Blue - which represents the Allies in Red Alert 2 - had no corresponding side in Tiberian Sun.

You can change the values of these entries to allow players to use different colors, although it is not recommended that you use Black for a multiplayer house - doing so means the player will not see a lot of in game text which is printed on a Black background!
While in-game colors as appearing in-game are freely editable, there are issues with the acctual color selection menu in both Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2. In Tiberian Sun, editing the values associated with a color will not change the name of the color as it appears in the color selection menu, although it will alter the color the text is displayed in. For example, editing DarkGreen into a brown color tone will result in the color selection menu containing a brown-colored text reading "Green", which can be selected in order to have the respective house play with a brown color in the acctual game. Red Alert 2 has a distinct, but similar issue in the color selection menu - this game does not acctually have text in the dropdown color selection menu. Instead, it uses little colored squares representing each available color. If the color values are unedited, the color of the squares corresponds to the in-game color which is selected by clicking on them. However, if the color value of a multiplayer color is edited, the colored square in the menu will not change its color to reflect the new values - it will instead keep displaying its default color, which may not correspond to the new color that the option it represents has been changed into.
The game also uses the colors with the name AlliedLoad and SovietLoad to print the loadscreen texts for allied and soviet, respectively, allowing you to edit these aswell.

Contrary to previous information in the community, there seems to be no issue with having more than 50 colors in this list, at least for YR, although the same seems to be supported by research in TS.

LightGold=25,255,255		; 0			Orange
Gold=41,240,230 ; 1 MP#0 Yellow
LightGrey=0,0,240 ; 2 White
Grey=0,0,131 ; 3 Grey
Red=20,255,184 ; 4 Brown
DarkRed=0,230,255 ; 5 MP#1 Red
Orange=25,230,255 ; 6 MP#4 Orange
Magenta=221,102,255 ; 7 MP#7 Pink
Purple=201,201,189 ; 8 MP#6 Purple
LightBlue=119,143,255 ; 9 Aqua
DarkBlue=153,214,212 ; 10 MP#2 Blue
NeonBlue=185,156,238 ; 11 Violet
DarkSky=131,200,230 ; 12 MP#5 Periwinkle (i.e. aquaish)
Green=104,241,195 ; 13 Bathroom green
DarkGreen=81,200,210 ; 14 MP#3 Light green
NeonGreen=0,0,0 ; 15 Black
Yellow=38,159,255 ; 16 Pastel yellow
AlliedLoad=164,255,255 ; 17 Allied Load
SovietLoad=0,235,255 ; 18 Soviet Load
(YR) Purple2=211,201,189 ; 19 Yuris Purple #1
(YR) Purple3=191,201,189 ; 20 Yuris Purple #2

Purely for information, the UNITSNO and UNITTEM palettes in Red Alert 2 are almost identical to the Tiberian Sun ones, so here are some more colors from Tiberian Sun should you wish to modify the default colors, as they work equally well in Red Alert 2.