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Default Keyboard Shortcuts

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Following is a list of default keyboard shortcuts in RA2/YR.

RA2/YR Default Keyboard Shortcuts
Shortcut Function
1 - 0 Select the Team #1-10
Ctrl (1 - 0) Assign selection to Team #1-10
Shift (1 - 0) Add the Team #1-10 to selection
Alt (1 - 0) Center screen on Team #1-10
Q Switch sidebar to Structures Tab
W Switch sidebar to Defenses Tab
E Switch sidebar to Infantry Tab
R Switch sidebar to Units Tab
T Type Select
Y Veterancy Select
U Page User (WOL only)
P Select All
A Toggle Alliance
S Stop object
D (Un-)Deploy object
F Follow object
G Guard
H Focus screen on base
K Repair mode
L Sell mode
Z Waypoint mode
X Scatter
C Cheer
B Place Beacon
N Next object
M Previous object