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Flag: EligibileForAllyBuilding
File(s): Rules(md).ini
Values: boolean (yes/no or true/false)
Default: no
Applicable to: BuildingTypes

Note that this flag was misspelled by the game's developers. The flag does work and is correctly parsed by the game using the above spelling.

After constructing a building in-game you are only allowed to place it near your existing structures.

If EligibileForAllyBuilding=yes is set on a BuildingType then you will be able to place the new building near to it even if you don't own it, provided it is instead owned by one of your allies. The eligible building must also have BaseNormal=yes set.

Note that 'eligible' buildings are only actually considered eligible if [MultiplayerDialogSettings]→BuildOffAlly=yes is set (by enabling the corresponding checkbox on the multiplayer/skirmish screen prior to starting a game).

Note that, in the unmodded game, the only buildings that have EligibileForAllyBuilding=yes set are the Construction Yards. The checkbox that controls this functionality is labelled "Build Off Ally ConYards". If you choose to enable eligibility for all buildings then you could relabel the checkbox "Build Off Ally Bases" by amending the string table entry gui:buildoffally.

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