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Ini commenting

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When making many ini files for a mod, you may find it worthwhile to comment them using a similar scheme to that laid out in many of the existing files. An example of such as laid out below.

Author, Modtime, Modfiles, and Changes

; (your ini file rules, art etc.).INI
; $Author: $
; $Modtime: $
; $Revisiontime:$
; $Modfiles: $
; $changes: $

"Author:" This is the persons name or screen name that made the mod.
"Modtime:" The date the file was moded.
"Revisiontime:" The time you RE modded this file.
"Modfiles:" the files in your mod. (AKA-expandxx.mix, rules.ini, art.ini etc)
"changes:" Basic documtaion of what changes were made. (you can also say with file you put changes in if the list is to long.

This may be helpful if you mod over a long time and need to keep track of what you did.