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The INI-files are the key part of modding any C&C-game from RA to Generals/Zero Hour. Although the system of the INIs changed with the engines, even today they're still there. INIs can either be modified via a text/INI-editor or TibEd, while most in the community do not recommend the latter. For more information on what the individual file does, click on it's name.

Red Alert/Counterstrike/Aftermath

INIs located in redalert.mix --> local.mix, expand1.mix and expand2.mix

Tiberian Sun/Firestorm

INIs located in tibsun.mix --> local.mix, patch.mix (this version is used by most recent patch), expand01.mix
The suffix in { } is used by the Firestorm versions of the files.


These INIs' names were not given correctly by XCC Mixer. They all consist of localization strings for objects defined in rules.ini and/or firestrm.ini. The true names of these files are langrule.ini and langfs.ini. For each map file Tiberian Sun reads an additional file by the same name (but with the extension .INI).

  • B3C17994: langrule.ini
  • 51A25286: langfs.ini
  • B8152851: fsnod09.ini
  • CFD7E82A: fsnod05.ini
  • D2D2D892: fsnod02.ini
  • E1CE9B49: fsgdi04.ini
  • FCCBABF1: fsgdi03.ini
  • ...

Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge

INIs located in ra2.mix --> local.mix, ra2md.mix --> localmd.mix, expandmd01.mix (this version is the one used by most recent YR patch)
The md-suffix is present in YR-INIs (Mission Disk). If you are modding YR, you have to use the md-INIs, i.e. rulesmd.ini instead of rules.ini.

Generals/Zero Hour

(As I have not started looking into Generals yet, some Gen Modder should fill this gap)