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Flag: IsBase
File(s): N/A
Values: N/A
Applicable to: BuildingTypes

;psst....IsBase isn't a Rules flag

The above comment appears in the Red Alert 2 rules(md).ini file against the BaseNormal flag.

This flag is actually the game's internal name for a class field that corresponds to the rules(md).ini BaseNormal flag. It is not read from rules(md).ini, hence the comment. There are many examples in Tiberian Sun rules where buildings have IsBase=no when they should be having BaseNormal=no, so the purpose of the comment was probably to remind the Red Alert 2 developers not to repeat the same mistake. Yet there is one building in Red Alert 2, the Tech Outpost ([CAOUTP]), where this flag is mistakenly set instead of BaseNormal=yes. However, BaseNormal defaults to yes, so the intended effect is achieved anyway.

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