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ModEnc Editing Festival Week 2008

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The ModEnc Editing Festival Week is a campaign to improve the quality of ModEnc. It takes place in the following period:

14.4.2008 - 20.4.2008

During this time, the the moderators and admins demand the community to give their best attention to the following articles:

List of desired changes

Important note: Please register to ModEnc and use your account to contribute, otherwise it's impossible to track back your changes!

Help on editing


ModEnc includes a large range of articles that were directly copied from "The Guide". We ask you to verify these information and rewrite the article in order to create a "true" wiki.


At the end of the period, the best contributor will be chosen in a public vote. You can win:

  • A working legal Steam Account including the following games:
    • Half-Life
    • Opposing Force
    • Blue-Shift
    • Counter-Strike
    • Half-Life² Episode 1
  • A Rapidshare account
    • 1 month
    • 8000 points

Additional Information

Several community members are exempted from winning the prize:

The announcement for this week was posted at the following community pages/forums: