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Multiplayer Mode INI files

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Each Multiplayer Game Mode requires a separate file to control the changes introduced by that game mode. That file acts as an addendum of the Rules(md).ini file, and can contain almost any code that the rules file can.

Caveats in MP Mode coding

  • The section [MultiplayerDialogSettings] is only read and applied after having finished one game in that gamemode. Therefore, it is not possible to redefine the contents of that section on a per-mode basis. In addititon, redefining allowed credits/unit counts will cause Internal Errors, if the mode disallows the amount of, for example, credits, that was used in the previous game session, as the game will fail to reset the resized slider to that position and decide to die.
  • Referencing objects that were not defined/referenced in the main rules file will cause Internal Errors. Redefining objects that were defined/referenced correctly, however, is perfectly safe.

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