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OS Voxel Viewer

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OS Voxel Viewer
by Banshee, Stucuk

Release date 2005
Latest Version 1.82
Homepage Link

A screenshot of OS Voxel Viewer

OS Voxel Viewer was originally developed as a program to view and study voxel animations, However, it was quickly expanded by Banshee and Stucuk beyond this capacity. OS VV now functions as a full voxel rendering engine, with the ability to create skyboxes and tiled ground.

This functionality makes Voxel Viewer perfect for taking screenshots of units in certain environments for the purpose of making sidebar cameos. Remap colours can be set on the unit to any RGB value, and if the voxel has a turret, its angle can be adjusted. The skyboxes and ground can be customised to suit the user's needs. The program also provides full screenshot capabilities, with adjustable size and format, as well as the ability to capture a full 360° animation of a unit.

The current version is 1.82.

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