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Ra2.csf Initialization Error

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This page should correctly be named "ra2.csf Initialization Error"; it is wrong due to technical restrictions.

ra2.csf Initialization Error

Unable to initialize 'ra2.csf', please reinstall Red Alert. is the error message shown if Red Alert 2, upon startup, is unable to initialize the string table1, due to a missing file, corruption or other read errors.

Of interesting note is that the error message is tri-lingual, even in the original English version. The translated error messages are very similar, and, translated back to English, are as follows:

No initialization of 'ra2.csf' possible. Please install Red Alert again.
Initialization of 'ra2.csf' impossible. Please reinstall Red Alert.

Also note that, in all three languages, you are asked to reinstall Red Alert again - not Red Alert 2. Only in the title bar RA2 is noted.

1 as opposed to the string manager, the part of the game reading and outputting the strings read from the string table.

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