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Reconnection Error

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The Reconnection Error

The "Reconnection Error" is a cousin of "Internal Error".

Reconnection errors only occur in multiplayer games (network/internet) and cause the current game to end, forcing all players back to the main menu. A reconnection error occurs when the network game becomes desynchronised or something interrupts the connection between the human players.

Sometimes, faulty code can force a reconnection error to occur.

Because reconnection errors only occur in multiplayer, it is difficult for modders to hunt down, or even be aware of erroneous code, especially as the code will most likely work perfectly in single player.

Known Causes Of Reconnection Errors (please expand)

  1. Using the Invisible=yes or InvisibleInGame=yes flags. These are often used to create a Mine Layer unit so modders need to seek an alternative method for creating such a unit (like the veteran/cloak method discovered by Marshall). InvisibleInGame=yes should only be used on objects that have an effect on the terrain, but should not themselves be visible such as the lightposts.
  2. Using FA2 trigger action <16 reveal all map> in a multiplayer game can lead to reconnection error.
  3. Not all human players in the game have the same version of the YR Terrain Expansion installed.
  4. Some of the Assault maps are known to have reconnection error problems, although the cause is unknown.
  5. On the custom map "Heartland", use of a Tech Outpost often causes a reconnection error. The reason for this is unknown.
  6. Some third-party programs (cheats) can cause reconnection errors (sometimes on purpose).
  7. Including DestroyAnims on buildings.
  8. Use of third-party patches (e.g. RockPatch 1, NPatch), dependant on bugs in such patches.

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