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Reenabling RA2 Music

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Enabling the RA2 music in Yuri's Revenge can be done easily using the YR Playlist Modifier. Below is a quick guide to enabling the RA2 music manually.

  1. Insert your RA2 CD (either disc) into your CD drive.
  2. Copy theme.mix to your game directory as ecache*.mix where * is any string (ecachethemeRA2.mix is acceptable, and indeed the required filename for users of the YR Playlist Modifier).
  3. Uncomment all the references to old tracks in your thememd.ini. It is recommended that you put this file in your mod's expandmd##.mix file where ## is a number between 11 and 99.* You should not attempt to merge thememd.ini back into the main RA2 or YR .mix files as this will risk incompatibility with mods with no obvious cause and will make it impossible to install future patches.
  • Please note that expandmd01.mix is part of the YR 1.001 patch, and that expandmd02.mix through expandmd10.mix are reserved for community wide projects and thus should not be used. It is best to have your mod's main mix file numbered above 10 to ensure community projects are not overwritten, but are still overridden by your own modifications.