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Supported Screen Resolutions

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Screen resolutions supported by the game (TS - YR)
Resolution Enabled by default1
640x400 Cc cancel.png
(DOS compatibility setting, obsolete)
600x480 Cc apply.png
800x600 Cc apply.png
960x720 Cc cancel.png
1024x768 Cc apply.png
1152x864 Cc cancel.png
1280x960 Cc cancel.png
1280x1024 Cc cancel.png

1 If a resolution is not enabled by default, you need to use AllowHiResModes or HIRES to activate it.

Note: The game will only ever run in 16-bit color regardless of the resolution setting or the users Desktop configuration.

Possible side effects of playing Red Alert 2 and/or Yuri’s Revenge in high-res

Note: Red Alert 2 and Yuri’s Revenge were never really designed to be played at some of the high resolutions available today.

Side effects of playing "high-res" are:

  • When paused, the border graphics may have gaps, or big logos may be "shifted" to the top left corner. (Don’t worry, this is only cosmetic, the images used to "put together" this screen are/were too small/short, hence the gaps)
  • When playing, the text on the icons may be too small to read comfortably. (Although any experienced RA2 or YR player may have committed the icons to memory a long time ago ;-) )
  • When playing, when looking at the edges of the map, the edges may seem "unfinished". (You are seeing extra bits of the map you were never meant to see)
  • When playing, seeing more of the map on the screen may also mean seeing more animations at the same time, such as: construction yards, refineries, oil derricks and other animated buildings, you could theoretically experience a possible slowdown from this. (Although, if your PC is powerful enough to display the game in high-res, it may be OK with this.)