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Flag: ToTile
File(s): rules(md).ini
Values: Strings: Normal text. (Limited to: like Green01)
Default: none
Applicable to: BuildingTypes

Specifies the explicit isometric tile type filename (which must exist in every theater MIX file) that this structure will be converted to when constructed and placed on the map. This was used in Tiberian Sun to enable players to build pavement (an isometric tile type rather than a structure) and can also be used for the same effect in Red Alert 2.

In fact, it will be filled according to the general square of the FoundationType, rather than strictly according to which cell it occupies.

  • For Ares' Custom Foundation Logic, you can directly use the labels Foundation.X= and Foundation.Y= to determine the length and width of the rectangle, without writing any labels such as Foundation.N=N,N FoundationOutline.0=N,N

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