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A categorized list of programs that are used by modders. For info about each of these file types, click each header.

.MIX editing

.SHP editing

.SHP viewing

.VXL editing

.HVA editing

  • OS HVA Builder - (by Stucuk and Banshee).
  • DMZ's HVA Editor - (by DMZ).

.INI editing

To edit INI files, all you need is a plain text editor, although additional functionality such as section listing or syntax highlighting is also quite useful:

There are also several text oriented INI editors with functionality specifically tailored for editing the C&C games:

  • INI Editor 2 - (by OmegaRed).
  • XCC INI Editor - (by Olaf van der Spek), discontinued?.
  • INI Checker - (by DCoder) Used to debug your INI files for errors (does not support RockPatch or NPatch in any way, outdated).

You will also find a number of other INI Editors that provide you with a graphical interface to edit INI files by (e.g. TibEd, SunEdit 2K, SunForge etc...) It is recommended that modders do not use these for their editing needs, as they give you bad habits and make you lazy, as you will get used to the program doing a lot for you. There are a number of inherant disadvantages of using a graphical editing interface over pure text editing, in which any unique 'hacks' (like the particle-trick) cannot be carried out, and the program itself can have internal bugs which corrupt your work.

Map editing

  • FinalAlert 2 - (by Matze) For Yuri's Revenge. The one and only Final Alert 2. Use the latest version.
  • FinalSun - (by Matze) For Tiberian Sun / Firestorm.

Terrain editing

CSF String editing

Bag Audio editing

  • XCC Mixer - The Mixer includes a built-in Sound Editor.

Sound related

.VPL editing

Mod Launchers

  • XCC Mod Creator/Launcher - XCC MC/L. Most mods released nowadays use this launcher, as it is really convenient.
  • LaunchBase High advanced Mod Launcher with plugin system (Beta State).
  • XRML Mod Launcher - Saberhawk's plugin-based mod launcher. Still in development, not publicly available.

.TLB viewing


  • Cleanup Program - Cleans your RA2/YR directory from mod files which can conflict woith other mods.
  • Saberhawk's RA2/YR Update - game launcher executables stripped from any non-essential code. Increases game start-up speed.