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Setting this to "yes" will make the weapon look for and use the particle system listed in AttachedParticleSystem= when firing. The effect is indistinguishable from IsRailgun=true and is not limited to spark particles. The effect of the tag depends on the listed ParticleSystem's BehavesLike= entry; =Spark type entries along with =Smoke types will be drawn at the weapon's PrimaryFireFLH=, =Railgun type entries will be drawn from the firing point to the target, and =FireStream types will likewise be drawn from firer to target. =Gas type is untested.

The firing weapon will be unable to fire again until the particle system has finished and despawned.

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When using Burst= weapons along with an offset FireFLH (a twin barrel tank, for example), the particle system will be spawned at the point opposite to the firing weapon's FireFLH

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