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Modding Community

After discovering LaoTze's mod through search engines sometime circa 2001, Rattus has been nigh addicted to Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge modding. He did release a short lived RA2 mod that added mostly goofy community asset units. Very few if anyone currently has a downloaded copy of this, but it was small enough to fit on a 1.44mb floppy disk.

In 2002, he joined the Sleipnir Stuff Forums learning the finer points of the hobby and how the community functions. He currently is a global moderator there. Rattus also worked as an INI coder for a classified, but now dead mod there.

In 2003, Rattus started work on his Yuri's Revenge mod, this time including bug-fixes and much more mature choice of new inclusions (relatively speaking). His RA2:Osmium got hosted on a short-lived network known as CnC Army, then moving to one of it's much more prosperous affiliate Savage War, run by Clazzy. There, he became the first hosted mod and eventually rose to run the RA2 dedicated site of the network. He included his own assets as by this time he was a somewhat competent voxeller.

Since that time he's mostly stopped updating the downloads section or news, as his time limited. While at Savage War he also worked on other projects, including voxel work for Islam's Revenge, another defunct mod, and worked as a beta tester for Clazzy's excellent mod, Novus Ordo.

Outside The Community

Rattus is a male born in 1986, who currently lives in New Jersey and works (mostly) in the construction trade. He has some college education, but holds no degrees. He has done volunteer work for a local animal shelter and the American Red Cross.

He is also a member of the Furry Fandom. Albeit that his use of the moniker 'Rattus' predates his involvement with that, as does his activity in modding. Regardless, it's an Achilles heal for mockery on almost every forum he visits. Fortunately for everyone, he has mostly grown to take it in stride.

His favorite hobbies (apart from two somewhat demanding communities) include drawing, scale models, and writing. The last especially applies when it's about himself, in the third person.


Savage War: RA2
Rattus's Voxels At SW:RA2