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Using XCC Mixer to split a singleframe PCX into multiframe SHP

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Using XCC Mixer to split a singleframe PCX into multiframe SHP and vice versa

XCC Mixer has a TON of hardly noticeable but extremely handy functions. Joining SHP frames into a big singleframe PCX and vice versa is one of them.

(Note: XCC Mixer supports other graphics formats, such as JPEG, PNG, and TGA, but the functionality is the same.)


So, you have a multiframe SHP (most likely, an infantry). And you decide that you want to recolor it. What do you do?
Of course, you can just use XCC Mixer's 'Copy as PCX' function, and open all 600 or so frames in your favourite graphics editor, edit them one at a time, and then use the 'Copy as SHP(TS)' feature to join them back together. But wait! There's another way. Read on and learn.

Joining SHP frames into a singleframe PCX

Write down the SHP's frame size (width x height) and frame count. Use the 'Copy as PCX (single)' function, and you will get a PCX with a single frame comprised of all the SHP's frames tiled together. Now it should be easier to recolor it.

Splitting singleframe PCX into a multiframe SHP

Now that you have a singleframe PCX, you encounter another problem: how to turn it back into a SHP? Using the obvious guess, 'Copy as SHP(TS)', fails and produces the single-frame SHP. That's not the right way.

You simply right-click on the PCX file, and select Clipboard > Copy (Ctrl+C). Now navigate either panel to the destination directory, right-click anywhere and select Clipboard > Paste as SHP(TS). Mixer will now ask you for a filename. Once you give it a filename, a SHP Properties dialog will appear. Type in the correct numbers for frame size and frame count 1, which you should have written down back before joining the frames together. Then click OK. Voila, you now have your multiframe SHP.

1 If you need to resize the SHP, obviously you'll need to recalculate the frame width and height before typing them in to get the correct results.