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Voxel Turret and Barrel Positioning

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There are two ways to position the unit's turret and barrel correctly:

  • By editing the HVA - the wrong way.
  • By editing the voxel header - the right way.
  • You can also influence the turret/barrel position by including the TurretOffset= tag in the art(md).ini coding of the unit.

Editing the HVA

Previously, modders often used the HVA Editor to position the turrets and barrels. This led to each voxel requiring a special HVA. That is semantically incorrect, as the HVA (Handle of Voxel Animation) means HVA should only be used for animating voxels, not positioning them. It is therefore not recommended to use this method for turret/barrel positioning.

Editing the voxel header

The correct way to position the turrets and barrels is to edit the voxel header, more specifically, the bounds part. (See Voxel Bounds for a very technical explanation of how the bounds work.) The current OS HVA Builder actually edits the voxel header when you position the turrets/barrels, and therefore is strongly recommended as the proper tool for this task.


This article is a compilation of information provided by various members of the community, including Blade, CannisRabidus, and Stucuk.