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by Marshall

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Type Bugfix
Release date(s) 2010-01-02
Current Version Release #8.01
Homepage Link


The YR Unofficial 1.002 Mini Patch (or "UMP" as it commonly known) was developed by Marshall for the purpose of fixing various bugs in Yuri's Revenge that still remained after the official 1.001 patch.

Strictly speaking, the UMP is a mod rather than a patch however it doesn't affect gameplay like a "normal" mod would. It is similar in scale to the official 1.001 patch, including INI fixes, corrected graphical assets and maps. It fixes many bugs that Westwood never fixed, and adds support for several community-developed features such as the Terrain Expansion and the Assault game mode.

The UMP used XCC Mod Launcher for activation, but both the current updates and the Developer Pack are released exclusively through Launch Base.


  • Fixes many bugs and issues your game will otherwise have.
  • It's a mod rather than a patch, so the changes aren't permanent and won't conflict with other mods.


  • Not all known bugs are fixed - this is due to limitations of modding (which might be overcome by future versions of the RockPatch).
  • You cannot run "real" mods at the same time - the mod author would have to incorporate the UMP changes as part of that mod (many mod authors have already done this - refer to the mod's documentation or changelog to see if the UMP changes have been incorporated).

If you don't use real mods, using the UMP is highly recommended.
If you do use real mods, encourage your favourite mod author(s) to incorporate the UMP into their mod(s).
If you are a mod author, you can incorporate the UMP into your mod by downloading the UMP Developer's Pack from the UMP website.

For the latest release notes, see YR1002/Release notes.

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