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Terrain Expansion

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The Terrain Expansion is a module of The Project mod development on C-GEN. The initial drive behind it was to add features from the original 3 RA2 terrain theatres to the new YR theatres. For example the desert theatre was lacking any high bridges, presumably because Westwood did not need them for their own missions and maps and time was a consideration. However as development progressed, further features were concieved of and added that greatly increased the scope of variation in maps made for YR.

Terrain Expansion Features

Here you will find an extensive list of features currently found in the terrain expansion. It is broken down per theatre as not all additions are present in all theatres for various reasons.


  • Tunnel tiles now work and when set up in the FinalAlert editor correctly allow units to pass through them.
  • Train tracks and switches for use with railway units.
  • Poland flag building now shows up in all theatres, not just arctic.
  • Bio-reactor animation shadow altered to avoid errant spot appearing when full.
  • Coming soon - High track bridges for trains (requires Rock Patch v1.05 or higher to play maps with this feature)(This feature was disabled in the Rock Patch v1.08 due to problems with other bridges. Also it was added to TX v2.02a but was disabled until the Rock Patch fixes the problem.)


  • A number of city feature tiles based on Urban/NewUrban.
  • Bio-reactor full animation altered to remove dark border on base in this state.


  • High wood and concrete bridges added.
  • Destroyable cliffs added
  • Tunnels added
  • Water cliffs added


  • Cliffs added
  • Pavement lat added
  • Tunnels added

New Urban

  • Remaining features from temperate and urban added
  • Additional cliff corners added


  • Additional trees from Desert/NewUrban added


  • Additional cliff corners added
  • Additional trees from Desert/NewUrban added