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Flag: ZShapePointMove
File(s): art(md).ini
Values: Warning: Unknown value type selected! Please edit this page and fix the Values template.
Default: 0,0
Applicable to: Buildings

Although this flag is parsed on all object types, it only works properly on SHP art.

Buildings are overlayed with the special file buildingz.shp to assign depth values to each pixel of the building. Normally this buildingz.shp image aligns at the bottom-most pixel of the building. The ZShapePointMove tag can be used to shift this origin.

This tag is mostly used for buildings which have bibs, where the size and location of the "building" part of the building, being different from the real size of the building, results in the bottom-most section of the building (not the bib) visually clipping. Changing the ZShapePointMove= values solve such issues.