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Implementing a Mechanic

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This adds a mechanic-like unit, similar to the Mechanic concept in Red Alert and Engineer+IFV in Red Alert 2.

The Unit

The code here is simple. Copying-and-pasting then modifying is good if you want a quick job, or you can easily create a new unit. Make sure it has a weapon you can edit as well.

The Weapon

Simply change the Damage to a negative number. Play with the actual value and ROF a little, since most values on standard weapons are pretty powerful for the task at hand.

The Warhead

Here, make sure only vehicle and/or special_1 verses are usable. The immunity logic helps a bit here, as certain things with said armors should not need repairing.

Finishing Up

After this, add the unit and warhead to your list and you're done!


  • Using a Terror Drone is a good idea, but its LimboLaunch setup will have to be changed (unless you want it to, say, "merge" with the target and be lost in a one-time use). The attack will look like it is "scratching" (or "fixing") the unit if the LimboLaunch logic is removed. Add a good warhead animation and sound, if you wish, for a nice overall effect.