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Nomen est omen in this case: Actions are exactly that - they initiate a procedure and/or control the way something is done; in most cases, this is linked to a change of the mouse cursor, the most prominent example of this being the SuperWeapons. Actions also decide whether a target is valid or not. As you can see from the list below, everything that generates a special cursor (and more) is linked to an Action, be it ParaDrops, the selling of units or simple guarding. The important factor here is that Actions can only ever be used once. While Types can be used again and again, a re-used Action will not work.

If the Action on a SuperWeapon is missing or invalid, the SW will be fired instantly on a random point on the map.

Type and Action

The relationship between Action and Type can roughly be translated to the one between Warhead and Projectile. Like the Warhead on a normal weapon, the Type of a SuperWeapon decides what kind of damage is applied, while, like the Projectile, the Action decides how that damage is delivered. (Be aware that this is only a simile - the "real" projectile, like the nuclear missile, for example, is part of the Type "Nuke" - it is independent from the Action "MultiMissile". Simplified, you can imagine the Action as being the part that controls which cursor to use.)

List of Actions

The following is a table of all Actions.

Number Action Name Description
0x00 None None
0x01 Move Move
0x02 NoMove NoMove
0x03 Enter Enter
0x04 Self Deploy
0x05 Attack Attack
0x06 Harvest AttackMove
0x07 Select Select
0x08 ToggleSelect Select
0x09 Capture Enter
0x0A Eaten Repair
0x0B Repair Enter
0x0C Sell Sell
0x0D SellUnit SellUnit
0x0E NoSell NoSell
0x0F NoRepair NoRepair
0x10 Sabotage C4
0x11 Tote Prohibited
0x12 DontUse2 Standard
0x13 DontUse3 Standard
0x14 Nuke Nuke
0x15 DontUse4 Standard
0x16 DontUse5 Standard
0x17 DontUse6 Standard
0x18 DontUse7 Standard
0x19 DontUse8 Standard
0x1A GuardArea GuardArea
0x1B Heal Prohibited
0x1C Damage ???
0x1D GRepair InstantRepair
0x1E NoDeploy NoDeploy
0x1F NoEnter NoEnter
0x20 NoGRepair NoRepair
0x21 TogglePower Prohibited
0x22 NoTogglePower Prohibited
0x23 EnterTunnel Enter
0x24 NoEnterTunnel Standard
0x25 IronCurtain IronCurtain
0x26 LightningStorm LightningStorm
0x27 ChronoSphere ChronoSphere
0x28 ChronoWarp ChronoSphere
0x29 ParaDrop ParaDrop
0x2A PlaceWaypoint Prohibited
0x2B TibSunBug Prohibited
0x2C EnterWaypointMode Prohibited
0x2D FollowWaypoint Prohibited
0x2E SelectWaypoint Prohibited
0x2F LoopWaypointPath Prohibited
0x30 DragWaypoint Standard
0x31 AttackWaypoint Prohibited
0x32 EnterWaypoint Prohibited
0x33 PatrolWaypoint Prohibited
0x34 AreaAttack Deploy
0x35 IvanBomb IvanBomb
0x36 NoIvanBomb NoMove
0x37 Detonate C4
0x38 DetonateAll C4
0x39 DisarmBomb DisarmBomb
0x3A SelectNode Standard
0x3B AttackSupport Standard
0x3C PlaceBeacon Place Beacon
0x3D SelectBeacon Select
0x3E AttackMoveNav AttackMove (rotating)
0x3F AttackMoveTar AttackMove (rotating)
0x40 Demolish C4
0x41 AmerParaDrop ParaDrop
0x42 PsychicDominator PsychicDominator
0x43 SpyPlane SpyPlane
0x44 GeneticConverter GeneticConverter
0x45 ForceShield ForceShield
0x46 NoForceShield NoForceShield
0x47 Airstrike Airstrike
0x48 PsychicReveal PsychicReveal

Special Cases

The Action "SellUnit" is a special case, as it was used before the YR 1.001-patch, but unused afterwards. It is mostly used either for SellUnit-SuperWeapons, which use SW-code to re-enable the selling of units. Note that if the SellUnit Action targets a unit in a Tank Bunker an Internal Error will occur when the Tank Bunker is destroyed or sold. As such you should avoid using the SellUnit Action.

Another special case is "AttackMoveNav", as it is not really used in the game; it can be accessed through the command bar, but is usually not used by anyone and can equally easy be removed from it (via ui(md).ini). If that is done, it should be safe to use it for SuperWeapons.

In addition, the Tunnel-Actions might be usable - RA2 and YR natively do not feature maps with tunnels, which makes these Actions technically unused. They are, however, part of the fully working tunnel-system which is actively used by the Terrain Expansion. Therefore, caution is required when considering to use them.

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