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The Ui(md).ini file in RA2 and YR controls the content of the Advanced Command Bar at the bottom of the screen.

File Locations

  • RA2 version is in ra2.mix -> local.mix.
  • YR version (name uimd.ini) is in ra2md.mix -> localmd.mix.

Flags / Sections in this file

There is only one flag you can use in ui(md).ini: ButtonList. This flag is used twice, once in the [AdvancedCommandBar] section, and once in the [MultiplayerAdvancedCommandBar] section. Those are the only sections you can use in ui(md).ini; the former controls the ACB seen in singleplayer games, the latter the one in multiplayer games (hence the name).

For more information on how to modify the ACB, proceed to ButtonList.

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