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Flag: AmbientDamage
File(s): Rules(md).ini
Values: integer
Default: 0
Applicable to: Weapons

This flag defines the amount of damage which is inflicted along the trajectory of the weapon. It is not completely ignorant of armor classes and other properties that can change the amount of damage. In other words, it will obey all damage parameters to determine the damage on the target. However, it is not immune to friendly fire and is ignorant of ownership and does not affect the terrain in any way.

In Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge

This flag is still parsed but it will only work under certain types of weapon. One type of weapon that can be applied are sonic weapons such as a dolphin's sonic waves; having IsSonic enabled and this with a valid amount on the weapon. Another type that can be applied are railgun weapons; as long as the weapon has a valid railgun particle system attached and this with a valid amount.

With Ares

Ares changes this flag, by allowing all 'waves' to work with this flag, instead of just sonic waves. These waves are defined by the existence of IsSonic=yes, IsMagBeam=yes, Wave.IsLaser=yes, or Wave.IsBigLaser=yes.