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Flag: DeathAnims
File(s): Rules(md).ini
Values: Animations
Default: none
Applicable to: InfantryTypes

Defines which animation sequence should be used when this InfantryType is killed. This is used because InfantryTypes cannot have an Explosion= defined. The animation sequence must be listed in the [Animations] section of RULES.INI and defined in ART.INI. Note that this will over-ride the InfDeath= logic on any Warhead= that kills this unit as this animation will always be displayed when the unit is killed regardless of the type of death that has been inflicted.



Each elements in this sequence corresponds to the assignment of [Warhead] > InfDeath=<int> like InfDeath=0 → Anim0, InfDeath=3 → Anim3

If InfDeath= is too large, there is no corresponding element, then, the last one in the list will be played. So you can enjoy using InfDeath=114514 or other, As long as its corresponding element is still within the upper character reading limit of DeathAnims=.

  • DeathAnims=none will disable this logic and use the settings in [AudioVisual] as before.

If you want a sequence similar to the original effect, you can try this one:


Cc alert.png Bugs/Side-Effects/Unexpected Limitations

Please note that!!! Because DeathAnims can only fill in Animations, the corresponding animation will also be played for InfDeath1 and InfDeath2, instead of [InfantrySequence] > Die1=<sequence> and Die2=<sequence>

  • Of course, you can solved this problem by using MakeInfantry to make another infantry die together with the original infantry.The effect looks good.(See the fourth item in See also for details)

DeathAnims has some other effects:

  • First, you can add death animation without any extension patch, such as Ares.
  • For InfDeath=5, the old theory was that the game would always use the second one in the [Animations] list, rather than using statements like [AudioVisual] > InfantryNuked=<animation> (unless you use Ares. Ares can allow you to use the [AudioVisual] > InfantryElectrocuted=<animation>).

However, if you use DeathAnims, it will normally use the sixth item in this list instead of the second item in the [Animations] list, that is, you can define ElectrocutedDeath through DeathAnims!

  • The animations generated by DeathAnims all have their owner. They can remap their owner colors like InfDeath9, and generate BRUTE with their owner House.
    • However, DeathAnims will use the owner of the dead Infantry, that is, the Infantry you generate through DeathAnims belongs to the original owner of the dead Infantry, so it cannot complete replace the original InfDeath9. Of course, maybe this is just right to meet your design needs.
      • If you use Ares, you can add MakeInfantryOwner=killer on animation to solve this problem, so that the generated infantrytype belongs to the house of the killer.

Cc documentinfo.png Automatic List Inclusion

Animations used as values for this flag are automatically listed under the internal [Animations] array. However no harm can be done by listing them manually.

See also