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Flag: DeathAnims
File(s): rules(md).ini
Values: Comma-separated list of strings. (Limited to: Animations)

Defines what animation sequences should be used when this InfantryType is killed. This is used because InfantryTypes cannot have an Explosion= defined. The animation sequence must be listed in the [Animations] section of RULES.INI and defined in ART.INI.

How it works

Specifies a list of Animations from which an animation can be selected for creation on the death of an InfantryType by a warhead with InfDeath=X set (where X is the list index (zero-based) of the Animations from DeathAnims).If "InfDeath" is not set, default to "InfDeath=0",just like the original set. If no animation is connected to the InfDeath, the first one in the list will be used instead.



If the Infantry above is killed by a "InfDeath=2" warhead, animation "DIEANI2" will be played.
If the Infantry above is killed by a "InfDeath=9" or above warhead, animation "DIEANI0" will be played.
However, all of the original animations defined by InfDeath will be override, including "Die1" and "Die2" in the infantry image in ART.INI.(Maybe this is the reason why it is not used in Red Alert 2 even though it is new to the game engine.)

Necessary to add despite lack of rewrite:

Cc documentinfo.png Automatic List Inclusion

Animations used as values for this flag are automatically listed under the internal [Animations] array. However no harm can be done by listing them manually.