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Flag: Delay
File(s): sound(md).ini
Values: Unsigned integers: All non-negative whole numbers from 0 to either 32767, 2147483647 or 4294967295.
Applicable to: VocTypes

This tag contains the minimum and maximum delays for sounds if used with the PREDELAY Control. The values are in milliseconds (1000ms = 1 second). The tag's syntax is as follows:

Delay=0 1000

In the above example, the minimum delay is 0ms, i.e. no delay; and the maximum delay is 1000ms, i.e. 1 second. There should be one space between the minimum and maximum delay values.

If the minimum delay is set higher than the maximum delay, then the minimum delay will always be used. If negative values are given for any of the delays, then the first time this sound is played, there will be no delay. Any further times that the sound is supposed to be played, it will not play. So, negative delay values can be used to make a sound only playable once per game.