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Flag: Control
File(s): sound(md).ini
Values: Values that don't conform to any typical format (see article)
Applicable to: VocTypes

This flag describes the special properties affecting the playback of this sound.

Special values

All of these are case-insensitive..

Control value Effect
ALL All sounds listed in the Sounds tag are played in order.
LOOP If RANDOM is not specified, will loop the first sound in Sounds indefinitely, or until the number specified in Loop is reached.
RANDOM Will play a sound chosen at random from Sounds. Only useful if you have more than one sound in Sounds.
PREDELAY Only has an effect if the Delay tag has been set. Picks a value between the minimum and maximum delays (defined in milliseconds), and waits for that amount of time before playing the sound).
INTERRUPT Controls whether this sound can interrupt other currently playing sounds.
ATTACK special logic, inverts the (booleanized) value of Attack of this sound
DECAY special logic, inverts the (booleanized) value of Decay of this sound
AMBIENT The sound is treated as an ambient background sound, so is not affected by INTERRUPT.