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Specifies the height above the ground, in leptons, that a projectile which also has Vertical set has to reach in order to detonate. Such a projectile will detonate instantly when attaining this altitude, or if spawned at, or above, it, in short, at any time when existing above this altitude. To be safe, this value should therefore always be set to something higher than the altitude of the firer (and hence the altitude at which the projectile is created), unless one desires to create a projectile which instantly detonates upon being fired.


  • DetonationAltitude defaults to 0; so consequently, any Vertical=yes projectile on which it is omitted will behave exactly as a projectile with a DetonationAltitude of 0, exploding instantly upon being spawned (unless one would manage to spawn a projectile below ground altitude.
  • DetonationAltitude can be set on other projectiles and will cause the expected effect, causing them to detonate when reaching a certain altitude.

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