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Can be set to 'yes' or 'no' and specifies that this projectile travels in a straight vertical line, up or down. This tag also requires a DetonationAltitude to be set on any projectile it is used on.

Such projectiles are meant to function as falling bombs and for the special case of the Nuke's upwards/downwards-going missiles. When fired by other weapons, such projectiles will, ironically, fly horizontally in the direction of the firer. In this case, they will never detonate, unless compelled to do so by other means, such as terrain collision or ProjectileRange (in Ares), and never hit their target if it is at a different altitude, flying in a straight line until they leave the map. However, they will not always hit their intended target even when facing it and will sometimes fly past it or even through it when fired at certain angles, preventing this from being used to create true horizontal projectiles. Voxel projectiles will also fail to have correct facing when used in this way, although SHPs do not have this issue.


  • When combined with a positive ROT, it seems to take precedence over Vertical, turning the projectile into an ordinary homing projectile.
    • ROT=1 needs further investigation.
  • When combined with Arcing, unforseen projectile and weapon behaviour results - the projectile will be invisible, no damage will be dealt and the weapon will be unable to fire after a few shots.
    • Needs further investigation.
  • Vertical projectiles can be used on AirburstWeapons as intended, falling downwards from their spawning height with a correct facing.
  • Seemingly, buildings cannot fire these projectiles either, although 1x1 buildings may be worth trying.
  • Setting Vertical=no on a projectile used by a JumpJet unit with BalloonHover=yes will prevent it from trying to hover directly over its target, even though it's in range.
  • If the weapon is launched by an AircraftType, it will have a "solid impact" effect, not just for the terrain collisional.