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Flag: File.Taunt
File(s): rules(md).ini
Values: Values that don't conform to any typical format (see article)
Extension Version: All versions.
Applicable to: Countries

Game ares yes.pngThis flag is part of Ares. Do not use it without Ares installed.

This flag controls what taunt files this country uses.
The general syntax is as follows:


The "Taunts\" indicates that these taunts are within the "Taunts" subfolder of the game. This is where your new taunt audio files should be placed. Do not omit the "Taunts\" part of the string, or change it to use any other folder.
"filename" is the non-numeric part of your taunt filename.
"%02i" is special syntax that means "two digit integer". The "%02i" is replaced with the numbers 01 - 08 in actual use.
".wav" is the file extension, which is required.


Which will make the game load "tauam01.wav" through to "tauam08.wav".