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Flag: IsMagBeam
File(s): Rulesmd.ini
Values: boolean
Default: no
Applicable to: Weapons

If set, the game will draw a colored wave along the projectile path (target -> firer when targeting VehicleTypes, reversed otherwise). This is used on the Magnetron. A similar, but broken wave can be created by using IsSonic=yes on the weapon instead.

Note: if the projectile is invisible, then the warhead will detonate when the wave hits the target. If it is visible, this wave will be only a graphic effect, and the warhead will detonate when the visible projectile hits. However, AI units will "sense" the wave and try to scatter before the projectile hits.

Cc alert.png Bugs/Side-Effects/Unexpected Limitations

If the target moves out of Weapon's Range, the MagBeam will still be drawn and AmbientDamage will still work.

  • This bug has been fixed in Ares 0.B.