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Kane's Wrath

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Kane's Wrath
by Electronic Arts

Release date 24.03.2008
Latest Patch Version 1.001
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Kane's Wrath pack is the first expansion pack released for C&C3 Tiberium Wars.

It features the addition of two subfactions to each side in the game, much like in the way Zero Hour added Generals to the three sides. GDI and Nod gain a subfaction based on two separate time periods - pre-Third Tiberium War, and post-Third Tiberium War. The subfactions are as follows:

  • GDI
    • Steel Talons - Uses more brute force tactics than GDI. Among other things, the Steel Talons can construct updated versions of the Titan and Wolverine from Tiberian Sun.
    • ZOCOM - Tasked with reclamation of Tiberium-infested zones. More advanced technology than the Steel Talons. New unit is the Zone Raider - a Zone Trooper-like unit armed with AA rockets and a sonic grenade launcher.
  • Nod
    • The Black Hand - A ritualistic sect within the Brotherhood. This is reflected in their weapons and units - one of which is the Purifier - a flamethrower-armed predecessor to the Avatar Warmech.
    • The Marked of Kane - The successors to the cybernetic armies of CABAL. The Marked of Kane's infantry contain legions of cyborgs capable of bringing quick devastation.
  • Scrin
    • Reaper-17 - A brutal division of the Scrin forces. The Reaper cell take pleasure in crushing opponents under their heavy weaponry and units, such as an upgraded variant of the Annihilator Tripod.
    • Traveller-59 - A much more stealthy subfaction. The Traveller sect rely heavily on their mind control technology, with Cultist squads capable of seizing enemy units quickly and easily.

Kane's Wrath also includes a new game mode - Global Domination. This allows the player to take part in a Risk-style conquest of the world. It is loosely based on the War of the Ring mode developed for Battle for Middle Earth II (which uses an earlier SAGE incarnation). The single-player campaign in Kane's Wrath centres around the Brotherhood of Nod, and covers a time period from before the events of Tiberium Wars, then through Tiberium Wars's story, and on into the future.

A Mod SDK has yet to be released for Kane's Wrath, despite pressure from the community. A patch is in development for Kane's Wrath as well, developing concurrently with those for the original Tiberium Wars.

It is currently unknown whether Kane's Wrath will be the only expansion pack for C&C3.

1 A patch is currently in development for Kane's Wrath.

Kane's Wrath
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