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Zero Hour

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Zero Hour
by Electronic Arts

Release date 22.09.2003
Latest Patch Version 1.04
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Game Info

Zero Hour was an expansion pack released a year later for Generals. It added nine 'Generals' to the game, which were originally expected in the vanilla game. The nine added personae were:

  • General Alexis Alexander - USA Super Weapon General
  • General Malcolm "Ace" Granger - USA Air Force General
  • General "Pinpoint" Townes - USA Laser General

  • General Tsing Shi Tao - China Nuclear General
  • General Ta Hun Kwai - China Tank General
  • General "Anvil" Shin Fai - China Infantry General

  • Doctor Thrax - GLA Toxin General
  • General Rodall "Demo" Juhziz - GLA Demolition General
  • Prince Kassad - GLA Stealth General

Players could progress through a new 'Generals Challenge' campaign, in which they picked one of the nine general personas, and face off against six of the other Generals before facing off against the 'Boss General', General Leang. General Leang is not playable, but there are modifications that enable her for the player's use, like Shockwave, Pro:Gen, and others located at GameSpot, FileFront and CnC Guild. Both General Fai and General Juhziz did not come with Challenge maps, however Juhziz's map is still located in the game files, albeit in a slightly unfinished state.

A note about Zero Hour updates: Patches 1.03 and 1.04 are known to disable the Ultimate Honor award; when all skirmish maps are beaten on the max number of brutal AI, the award is not granted. The player must rely on patches 1.01 or 1.02, or better yet, not patching the game, to earn the Ultimate Honor.

Command Line Arguments

There are several command line arguments that can be applied to a shortcut to the Zero Hour EXE.

Zero Hour Command Line Arguments
Argument Effect
-quickstart Prevents the intro movie from playing, and removes the shell map on the main menu.
-noshellmap Removes the shell map on the main menu, replacing it with a static image. Handy for those with slower computers.
-xres ?? Forces the horizontal resolution of the game to the number specified in place of "??". E.g. "-xres 800"
-yres ?? Forces the vertical resolution of the game to the number specified in place of "??". E.g. "-yres 600"
-win Runs the game in windowed mode.
-mod BIGfile Runs Zero Hour using the mod in the .BIG file specified in the command line argument. The file should be contained within your "Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data" folder (found in My Documents). Example: "-mod TestMod.big"
Note: Not compatible with all mods.
Zero Hour
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