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Implementing Stealth Generators

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This creates a mobile stealth generator like in Firestorm. This simply involves creating a vehicle, a structure, and adding some key tags.

DeploysInto=XXXX (whatever your deploying building is called)

CloakGenerator=yes will indicate to the game that this structure should cloak anything within its CloakRadiusInCells, which should be a whole number value.

CloakGenerators can cause major lag in RA2/YR. This is due to RA2's increased graphics size, and also the presence of DoubleThick=yes on many art entries.

To reduce this lag, you should keep CloakRadiusInCells to a low value, as well as removing the DoubleThick=yes entry on art entries.

CloakRadiusInCells=0 has no effect.

The same deploying logic for a mobile stealth generator can be applied to a mobile gap generator, use [GAGAP] as reference.