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Flag: PowersUpToLevel
File(s): rules(md).ini
Values: signed integers
Applicable to: BuildingTypes (upgrades)

Specifies the number for this power up or upgrade that gets plugged into the slots of parent bulding. A value of -1 means the upgrade is placed to the first available slot, while positive values correspond to specific upgrade graphics and positions on the parent structure as defined with the PowerUpNAnim, PowerUpNDamagedAnim, PowerUpNLocXX, PowerUpNLocYY, and PowerUpNLocZZ flags in art(md).ini.

While the simultaneous firing of both Primary and Secondary weapons is applicable to all the upgrade numbers, in TS there is hardcoded restriction for the Component Tower to not allow this for PowersUpToLevel=2 and PowersUpToLevel=3 as those are coded for RPG and SAM Upgrades.

Primary and Secondary usually have same weapons when used in upgrades. There are issues if different weapons are used as those would show the firing cursor depending on the range of the weapons but have problems in actually firing.

See also Upgrades.