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Flag: TypeImmune
File(s): rules(md).ini
Values: boolean
Default: False
Applicable to: InfantryTypes, VehicleTypes, BuildingTypes

When set in the unit's rules entry, the TypeImmune=Yes flag will render an object immune to damage (but not targetting) from a weapon on a unit of the same identity and owner. This is used primarily on the dolphin, to ensure groups don't damage one another with their through-damage weapons.

It should be noted though, that when the unit is mind controlled, it is able to damage its former identical units, because the owner has changed.

This flag will not protect units from particle weapons (such as some flame thrower implementations, or gas from a virus dart), as the particle has no 'owner' (or any connection to the spawning weapon).

The flag's effects on OpenTopped=Yes passengers or building garrisons are not known.