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Flag: Weeder
File(s): Rules(md).ini
Values: boolean
Default: no
Applicable to: VehicleTypes, BuildingTypes

In Tiberian Sun, when set on a

  • BuildingType this specifies that the structure stores veinhole weeds which are harvested by the corrosponding unit.
  • VehicleType or InfantryType this specifies that the unit is able to 'harvest' veinhole weeds - the unit also needs a Storage= value set.

It appears to have no effect on InfantryTypes, although it is used in the default rules.ini on [WEEDGUY], which is unbuildable and never appears in-game.

In Red Alert 2, veins are gone, but this tag still retains some function: Vehicles cannot dock with the structure set as their Dock if that structure has no docking-related function or only has DockUnload. Vehicles can dock with structures that have DockUnload set if both are also Weeder and the vehicle will then appropriately unload whatever it is holding, which can also be Passengers (however, these will not get passed into the structure, but simply unloaded next to it).