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Flag: AllowableUnitMaximums
Values: comma seperated list

Specified in a maps [Basic] section in conjunction with StartingDropships and AllowableUnits. The value is a comma seperated list that has the same number of entries as AllowableUnits. Each entry sets the limit on how many of each unit the player can select for dropship reinforcement using the Dropship loadout feature. By default the player can select an unlimited number of each unit, including units like the Cyborg Commando in TS and Tanya in YR and this entry provides a way to maintain the limitations for the reinforcements. Each entry in the list sets the limit for the corresponding unit in the AllowableUnits list and is an positive integer value specifying the number of that specific unit the player can select. Although a practical limit of 15 exists that is effectively as many as the player wants, the map designer can also specify -1 to signify an unlimited number of that unit can be selected. In conjunction with AllowableUnits, the map designer can adjust specifically what units the player can select and how many.

See also: StartingDropships