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Maps are in-game levels where all the gameplay takes places. Their format and structure varies between each game. Despite the multitude of file extensions, all map files are in fact plain INI files (except the .BIN files in Tiberian Dawn).

Tiberian Dawn

In TD, a map consists of two files, .BIN and .INI, which must have the same file name. The former contains only terrain information while the latter includes Basic settings, TechnoTypes, TerrainTypes, OverlayTypes, Triggers and other map data.

Red Alert, Counterstrike and Aftermath

Terrain data is now integrated and encoded into the map .INI file in the form of MapPack. In addition, official map files are not recognised unless referred to by a Missions.PKT text file (multiplayer) or scenario control INI files (singleplayer). A new .MPR extension is introduced for custom multiplayer maps, which do not require to be listed in Missions.PKT and transfer between players online as long as the map has [Basic]Official=no.

Tiberian Sun and Firestorm

Official map files now use the .MAP extension. Other file naming systems remain the same.

Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge

File extensions remain the same as in Tiberian Sun. In addition, the following extensions are introduced:

  • .MMX - Mix file containing a .MAP file and a .PKT file, used by official RA2 map packs.
  • .YRM - Custom YR multiplayer map, behaves the same as .MPR
  • .YRO - Mix file containing a .MAP file and a .PKT file, used by official YR map packs.