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CnC Modding FAQ

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This page is intended as a compilation of the most popular repetitive questions. Linking to it each time a question is asked should be easier than typing out the full answer each time.

Where can I get the INI files?

A: The INI files are already in the game. All you need to do is extract them. To do that, use XCC Mixer. Run it, do a search for *.ini, and voila - you have those files. Now you either 'Extract' them, or use the Mixer's middle panel to copy them.

What do I do with them once I've edited them?

A: Just drop them in the game directory (do NOT rename them, they won't work). If you intend to distribute them to others, it is strongly advised to use XCC Mod Creator/Launcher.

How do I disable the changes I made?

A: Several ways:

  • Rename the ini file.
  • Delete it.
  • Move it somewhere else.

What tools do I need to mod?

See Tools and File Types.

What does RTFM mean?

A: Read The F`ing Manual

How can I make my airplanes dogfight?

A: You can't. Forget it. (Anyone that says anything about using TibEd and setting the projectile to AA=yes - gets kicked in the nuts.)