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Flag: EVerses
File(s): rules(md).ini
Values: Percentages: Either a direct percentage (e.g. "50%"), or a floating point value (e.g. "0.5").
Applicable to: Warheads

Game rp yes.pngThis flag is part of the RockPatch.

Template:RockPatchFlag This flag is used in conjunction with the New ArmorTypes logic. This tag operates like the Verses tag in that it is a list of percentages, with each percentage corresponding to the damage done against that ArmorType. Each percentage is an armor listed in the ArmorTypes list. They are entered in order going down the ArmorTypes list, so if you have an ArmorTypes list like this:


Then your EVerses tag on a warhead could look like this:


Where the first percentage = 80% damage against anything with 'FireArmor'.
Second percentage = 75% damage against anything with 'IceArmor'.
Third percentage = no damage against anything with 'ElectricArmor'.

Fourth percentage = 150% damage against anything with 'AnotherArmor'.