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Flag: Verses
File(s): rules(md).ini
Values: comma separated list of percentages
Special Values: 0%, 1% (Ra2small.pngYro.png only!) [↓]
Default: 0% repeated as necessary
Applicable to: Warheads


Verses defines a Warhead-specific damage multiplier for each Armor type. The list of percentages should be ordered to correspond with the Armor types, which vary between games.


Seq Num Code Description Description in Mandarin Chinese
1 none none armor
(cloth armor)
2 flak Flak Trooper's armor
(bulletproof armor)
3 plate plate armor (for infantry) (步兵)金属装甲
4 light light armor (for vehicle) (载具)轻甲
5 medium medium armor (for vehicle) (载具)中甲
6 heavy heavy armor (for vehicle) (载具)重甲
7 wood wood armor
(light armor for building)
8 steel steel armor
(medium armor for building)
9 concrete concrete armor
(heavy armor for building)
10 special_1 special armor 1
(Drone's armor)
11 special_2 special armor 2
(Missile's armor)


RA/TS Example


[Foo] ; n , w , l , h , c



One shot of Weapon will deal:

  • 100 * 30% = 30 points of damage to Target1.
  • 100 * 90% = 90 points of damage to Target2.

RA2/YR Example


[Foo] ; n , f , p , l , m , h , w , s , c , 1 , 2




One shot of Weapon will deal:

  • 100 * 30% = 30 points of damage to Target1.
  • 100 * 60% = 60 points of damage to Target2.
  • 100 * 90% = 90 points of damage to Target3.

Special Values

There are special-case Verses values that are only available in Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge. These values are 0% and 1%.

Note: The rules(md).ini comments regarding these values are incorrect. Use this guide to determine the correct effects.

0% - Forbidden Armor Type

A Verses value of 0% indicates that the corresponding Armor type is a forbidden target for this Warhead. A unit using a weapon with the attached Warhead will not accept an attack command against another unit with that Armor type. Nor will it accept a force fire command, retaliate, or passive acquire on a target with that Armor type.

1% - Cannot Passive Acquire

A Verses value of 1% indicates that a unit using a weapon with the attached Warhead will not passive acquire a target with the corresponding Armor type. However, the unit will still accept an attack command, a force fire command, and retaliate against it. Since 1% renders a great reduction in damage, it is typically only used for special-case weapons that aren't meant to deal damage, such as the Spy's disguise weapon.

What about 2%
2% doesn't seem to have any effect on targeting.

Negative percents are also allowed

If a verses contains a negative value such as -100% the effects of damage are reversed thus restoring lost Strength=.

One shot of Weapon will deal:

  • 100 * -30% = will restore 30 points of Strength= to Target.

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